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Is Table Saw essential to have if you’re a beginner?

Posted by Terry on

Buying a table saw as a beginner is highly discussed topic in the community. Some are against it, saying that for getting started circular saw is more than enough, while others can see the benefit in having a table saw, just in case. Of course, nothing is irreplaceable, including table saw. Miter saws and circular saws can easily do the same job as table saw, it’s just more effort and less efficiency that will hold you back from completely replacing table saw. I, myself, do own a table saw and use it every day, but I think that’s just out of my sheer laziness. If I were willing to do a little more work using circular and miter saws, both of which I do have, I could easily get by without a table saw. Now, why would someone not want to have a table saw?
First of all, there’s a concern of safety. All power tools are quite dangerous, but table saws especially so. I recommend to everyone to watch few tutorials and guides that explain the safety rules of working on table saw. I have been using one for two years now, and am still very careful around my table saw. Knowing that one little mistake or misstep can result in lost limb in a matter of seconds, is quite scary.
And then there’s the price. A lot of beginners aren’t showered with money, so they want something affordable to start their first project. Usually that niche is filled by circular saw, which are much more affordable and versatile than any table saw out there. And actually that’s what I recommend as well. If you’re just getting started, you don’t want to make huge commitment of paying five hundred dollars for brand new table saw, just to be bored with it few months later. Try circular saw first, and if your enthusiasm about woodworking prevails, definitely invest in high quality tools, because they’re worth every penny.
If you’re totally convinced that you can’t do without a table saw, another good option for you is lurking on craigslist to find a good deal on used table saw. I have bought new one straight off amazon, but my friends have bought from craigslist and they’re content with the tool they received. You just have to be super careful, because there is no quality control or anything on craigslist, so you have to filter a lot of sellers, who are nothing more than just scammers.
To sum up, I wouldn’t say table saw is essential for beginners, but having one can save you a lot of time. But before doing anything with it, you must carefully go through the safety measures and even with those in place, always be careful.


Why is Honey not vegan food?

Posted by Terry on

Honey is that the honey bees’ sole source of food and nutrients that are essential throughout poorer weather and the winter months. The honey bee, the genus of bee used in commercial honey production, will visit up to 1500 flowers so as to amass sufficient nectar to fill its ‘honey gut’; a second, separate stomach where enzymes begin to break down the nectar into honey. Once returning to the hive, that is regurgitated and chewed by ‘home bees’ to finish the honey-making process. The hive works like a collective to provide each member with an adequate source, every bee generating only a twelfth of a teaspoon of honey in its lifetime: significantly less than most people would anticipate. Honey is essential to this hive’s health.

Claims that consuming honey assists the honey bee people thrive are not true. When farmers remove honey in the hive, they substitute it with a sugar substitute that’s considerably worse to your bees’ health since it lacks the essential nutrients, fats and vitamins of honey. The bees then exhaust themselves working to substitute the missing honey. Throughout the elimination of honey, the bees can die after emptying the farmers.

Honey bees are especially bred to increase productivity. Already compromised, this selective breeding narrows the public gene pool also increases susceptibility to disease and also large-scale die-offs. Diseases can also be brought on by importing distinct species of bees for use in hives.

Queen bees often have their wings clipped by bee keepers to prevent them leaving the hive to create a brand new colony elsewhere, which might decrease productivity and lessen profit.

Mass breeding of honeybees impacts the inhabitants of other competing nectar-foraging pests, such as different bees. Overwhelmed by the ever-inflating amounts of farmed bees, the numbers of indigenous bumblebees and various bird species have diminished.

Unlike bees, people can flourish without honey in their diets. Date syrup, maple syrup, molasses, butterscotch syrup, golden syrup (pictured: right) and agave nectar are all viable possibilities, if you need a product for cooking, baking, as a sweetener to get drinks, or to eat a spoon of out of this jar at the end of a long moment.

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Few useful skills that you’ll need to learn to be good Woodworker and Diy-er.

Posted by Terry on

I think there are two kinds of people in the world – those who overthink, and those who don’t do it enough. I’ve been both of those over the course of my life – in my younger years, I didn’t think enough, but now, I do it too much, which is just as bad. People ask questions about the tools and brands all the time, and never get to actually buying those tools and getting started with their first project. I think it was Mike Tyson who said that “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face”. I think that’s so hilariously true and after some point, always rush myself into the action.

So today, I wanted to talk about few skills or knowledge that might be useful to have before picking up woodworking. So if you are like me and feel like you have to know every detail before getting started with your task, you could take a look at some of these and learn whichever you like.

First one, is obviously sharpening. Even though power tools don’t need as much sharpening as hand tools used to, there are rare cases when your saw blades get rusty and you’ll need to either replace them or sharpen them. And depending on your financial situation, both are reasonably good solutions.  Circular saw replacement blades aren’t that expensive, they cost about twenty dollars, but that’s only tip of the iceberg of the costs associated with woodworking. And it’s pretty easy to trim that cost by sharpening your blades, so a lot of people choose to do just that.

Carving is one of the best uses of hand tools in woodworking. Carving well can give you tons of possibilities to give your projects sophistication and that fine touch that will draw everyone’s eyes. I personally can’t do it, as I’m not an artsy type, and I think you need to have some creative talent to properly master the art of carving.

Third one, is the distinction between the lot of different brands in this field. This might seem boring for some people, but a lot of questions are asked about power tool brands and whether one brand is better than the other. So to quickly summarize the situation on the market today, there are many high end brands like DeWalt and Bosch who price their products much higher than the affordable brands like Ryobi and Skil. And all of these tools work perfectly, the only difference is that DeWalt’s tools are heavy duty, while Ryobi’s tools are not intended for rough type of work. I have Ryobi tools and they have lasted me for years, but the truth is that I only use them one or twice in a week, therefore they’re able to keep up. But if I were to throw some tough job at it every once in a while, it would eventually break.

That’s all for today and I hope I have helped some potential woodworker find his or her path in this complicated world of woodworking.