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Is Ryobi a good brand? – Comprehensive answer and other details

Posted by Terry on

Being an experienced woodworker myself, I often get questions from newbies about different brands. A lot of people notice Ryobi’s different, cheaper prices on circular saws which are quite good. So it seems backwards, how could high quality circular saw be so cheap, and if it is, why would anyone pay twice as much for DeWalt or Bosch? It’s totally legit question, and I’m going to try to answer it today.

See, the difference between Ryobi and DeWalt is not that one is objectively superior to other. Both produce very good, highly effective circular saws, it’s just purpose that is different. Ryobi ‘s circular saws are made for occasional users, who like to do woodworking as a hobby in their free time. That’s the use they’re designed to withstand. On the other hand, DeWalt tools are made to be used forever and still go strong. Dewalt tools are much sturdier and can handle much rougher type of work as opposed to Ryobi. If you were doing woodworking as your profession, you wouldn’t want Ryobi tools in your arsenal. But if you’re planning to do woodworking occasionally as a hobby, Ryobi  is objectively perfect for you. Another good budget brand is SKIL, which is the most famous brand of circular saw. People even use their name, Skilsaw, to refer to circular saws. They are owned by Bosch now, who use the Skil brand to sell affordable line of their products.

So, to sum it up, if you’re money conscious and want to buy brand new circular saw, Ryobi is the right choice. Its price and efficiency outweigh the fact that it is not made for hardcore users, which doesn’t matter to occasional user anyway. So you’re getting all the benefits of low price and quality, while giving up nothing important to you. Seems to me like a perfect purchase.

On the other hand, if you are sure that you’re going to be working on wood even years from now, DeWalt is definitely a better investment. My tool set consists of exclusively dewalts, with some other brands mixed in, and that is because I realize the importance of paying for quality. My DeWalt is going to outlive three or four Ryobis, and it will still work perfectly. But the investment of hundreds of dollars is not going to be worth it if you’re going to give up woodworking soon. So if I were a beginner, I’d buy Ryobi first, try it and see how much I like woodworking before investing in a better tool. The whole concept is a little bit tricky and I did my best to explain, hopefuly I succeeded.

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Few useful skills that you’ll need to learn to be good Woodworker and Diy-er.

Posted by Terry on

I think there are two kinds of people in the world – those who overthink, and those who don’t do it enough. I’ve been both of those over the course of my life – in my younger years, I didn’t think enough, but now, I do it too much, which is just as bad. People ask questions about the tools and brands all the time, and never get to actually buying those tools and getting started with their first project. I think it was Mike Tyson who said that “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face”. I think that’s so hilariously true and after some point, always rush myself into the action.

So today, I wanted to talk about few skills or knowledge that might be useful to have before picking up woodworking. So if you are like me and feel like you have to know every detail before getting started with your task, you could take a look at some of these and learn whichever you like.

First one, is obviously sharpening. Even though power tools don’t need as much sharpening as hand tools used to, there are rare cases when your saw blades get rusty and you’ll need to either replace them or sharpen them. And depending on your financial situation, both are reasonably good solutions.  Circular saw replacement blades aren’t that expensive, they cost about twenty dollars, but that’s only tip of the iceberg of the costs associated with woodworking. And it’s pretty easy to trim that cost by sharpening your blades, so a lot of people choose to do just that.

Carving is one of the best uses of hand tools in woodworking. Carving well can give you tons of possibilities to give your projects sophistication and that fine touch that will draw everyone’s eyes. I personally can’t do it, as I’m not an artsy type, and I think you need to have some creative talent to properly master the art of carving.

Third one, is the distinction between the lot of different brands in this field. This might seem boring for some people, but a lot of questions are asked about power tool brands and whether one brand is better than the other. So to quickly summarize the situation on the market today, there are many high end brands like DeWalt and Bosch who price their products much higher than the affordable brands like Ryobi and Skil. And all of these tools work perfectly, the only difference is that DeWalt’s tools are heavy duty, while Ryobi’s tools are not intended for rough type of work. I have Ryobi tools and they have lasted me for years, but the truth is that I only use them one or twice in a week, therefore they’re able to keep up. But if I were to throw some tough job at it every once in a while, it would eventually break.

That’s all for today and I hope I have helped some potential woodworker find his or her path in this complicated world of woodworking.